Past Scholarship Recipients

The National Table Tennis Scholarship Program is still relatively new, being established in early 2008, with the first scholarships awarded in the 2008-2009 academic year. With luck, this list of recipients will continue to grow and expand for many years to come.

Here are the distinguished student athletes that have received scholarships through this program so far:


Ananya Thakur (TBD)
Isaac Marron (Biola University)
Jay Ong (University of California San Diego)
Teresa Chan (University of California, Davis)


Emily Yang (University of Utah)
Joseph Baptista (SUNY Buffalo)
Peter Chen (University of Virginia)


Angela Guan (University of California, Berkeley)
Anthony Chu (University of California, San Diego)
Hannah Miller (Whitman College)
Rahul Acharya (Northeastern University)


Hannah Lin (University of California, Los Angeles)
Samuel Liu (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
Theodore Tran (University of California, Berkeley)


Isabel Chu (University of California, Los Angeles)


Caroline Kajihara (Texas Wesleyan University)
Bliss Chang (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Cheng Li (Mississippi College)
Yichi Zhang (Mississippi College)
Ellen Hwang (University of California, Berkeley)
Nancy Zhou (Brown University)


Caroline Kajihara (Texas Wesleyan University)
Tony Cui (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)


Zhicheng Liang (Mississippi College)
Shermaine Joey Lam (Emory University)
Jasmine Nguyen (University of California - Berkeley)


Jingwen Hui (University of Texas - Austin)
Koji Higashi (University of California - Berkeley)
Ka (Anna) Ho (University of Southern California)
Ye Hu (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


Yuliang Cai (Mississippi College)
Nancy Chen (Harvard University)
Ye Hu (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Stephanie Shih (Barnard College of Columbia University)


Stephanie Chow (University of California - Los Angeles)
David Llona (University of Central Florida)
Wenwen Zhang (Central Michigan University)


Whitney Ping (Stanford University)
Cheramie Cheung (University of Chicago)

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The National College Table Tennis Scholarship Program is supported by:

the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association

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