Busy Spring/Winter 2019 Semester/Quarter--

The rest of the world doesn't tell time by semesters and quarter system, but we here living the life in College and University understand how it all works and especially in NCTTA.  
28 different divisions; 6 Regionals and 1 National Championships is what is coming up for College Table Tennis!
Division Champions will be crowned, Singles will be played and winners will be had and the famed NCTTA post season will begin with 6 Regional tournaments happening between February 23rd and March 10th.
FIRST however are our Division tournaments starting as early as January 26th and going until mid February!
Click here for an updated Spring/Winter division schedule!    
NEXT are the Regional Championships, which is the start of the NCTTA postseason!
Midwest Regional Championships: February 23-24 at University of Iowa
South Regional Championships: March 9-10 at Texas Wesleyan University
Northeast Regional Championships: March 9-10 at Westchester Table Tennis Club
West Regional Championships: March 9-10 at Orange county Table Tennis Club
Mid Atlantic Regional Championships: March 9 at Triangle Table Tennis Center
Great Lakes Regional Championships: March 9-10 at University of Akron
LAST but certainly not least is the 2019 ISET College Table Tennis Championships April 12-14th in Greensboro, North Carolina!