What is NCTTA?
NCTTA is the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association which is the governing body of Collegiate Table Tennis. The mission of NCTTA is to promote the sport of table tennis by providing collegians an opportunity to compete in this enjoyable lifetime sport and to provide student athletes the avenues to compete in serious intercollegiate table tennis competition at a club or varsity level. NCTTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is seeking to have table tennis included as a sport in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

What kind of table tennis scholarships are available?
There are two NCTTA member schools that offer table tennis scholarships.

  1. Texas Wesleyan University is a small private school in Ft. Worth, Texas.
    Contact them at (817) 531-7555 or jrather@txwes.edu

NCTTA also administers an annual national scholarship program open to student athletes at any NCTTA member school.

Who belongs to NCTTA?
NCTTA membership is open to College Table Tennis clubs and Varsity programs in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Contact recruiting@nctta.org for more information on how to join or check out this link.

My school doesn’t have a table tennis club, how do I start one?
Although the NCTTA is expanding, there are still many schools in the United States that lack a table tennis club. You can directly contact the Dean of Student Life, Student Activities department or Campus recreation at your university. If you still have no luck feel free to contact us and we can help you - info@nctta.org.

Check out our best practices list on table tennis club management and A Guidebook to Organizing a Table Tennis Sport Club

Who runs the NCTTA?
The NCTTA is a non for profit organization with 7 volunteer board members and 20-30 Division Directors. Click here to contact us.

What type of events does the NCTTA administer?
The NCTTA currently sponsors two main events:

  1. League play-which allows schools and their table tennis clubs a chance to compete within their regions in the Fall and Spring semester with a team play format.
  2. Championships-this event is for all of the winners of the respective regions and generally takes place at the end of the Spring semester of play.


How can a new division play in the NCTTA league and qualify for the Championships?
All new divisions qualifying for Nationals must be organized (min. 3 school teams) that have paid membership fees to NCTTA and have a tournament schedule turned in by October 1st to pre qualify for that season’s championships.


How many schools have college table tennis teams?
Over 150 schools representing 200 teams that have Table Tennis teams in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Contact us today to find out more! info@nctta.org


In high school and want to know what Colleges/Universities are available to you?
Contact us today at info@nctta.org to find out about different schools that you can apply to that have Table Tennis as a priority with admission or have Table Tennis programs. We will be glad to help you with the process and put you in contact with the right folks.

What are the benefits of joining?
By joining the NCTTA membership, any member of the College Table Tennis club joining NCTTA can take advantage of our exclusive equipment discounts; play in college tournaments in your region; and receive personal and team national college rankings.

How can I learn more about the NCTTA?
Please visit our website at www.nctta.org, contact one of our officers, or read about us in our bi-monthly article in the USATT Magazine.

How do I contact the NCTTA?