Happy World Table Tennis Day from NCTTA

Check out the official World Table Tennis Day video from NCTTA (Thanks to Andy Nguyen for the creation!)

Also from Boston University and UC Berkeley teaming up to create this:

And from one of our own NCTTA writers, Michael Reff, his wise, witty word creation on Table Tennis:

Table Tennis
Calling one, calling all with any ability
We'd like to invite you to a sport of agility
Of speed and reflexes, it's known as table tennis
Played by all sexes, and children too can be a menace

Jump out of the garage, the kitchen, and basement.
And realize the gym is the worthy replacement.
With a variety of bats, rubber, and sponges
Combined make a lethan action of loops and pushing lunges.

The styles are infinite: lob, defense, attack,
The name calling's an art form, usually ending in "old hack."
But, when the day is over, and the workouts are through,
You can say to yourself after almost turning blue

That Table Tennis is real, and a worthy endurance feat
Of strength of legs, core, and rhythmic reaction beat.