NCTTA Homepage Gets a Website Facelift

The NCTTA website has received a facelift.  The change was put in place as a first step in our effort to make better use of our technology.

You will notice that a Google calendar was inserted at the top of the homepage.  This calendar will serve as a one-stop shop to see when events will be taking place and when deadlines are approaching.  For instance...

  • School Registration Deadline
  • Board Meetings
  • Dates of Regional and Division competitions
  • Registration Deadline for Singles
  • 2016 TMS National Championships

The calendar has a tab at the top right to display the content in monthly form, weekly form, or as a list of agenda topics.  When you click on an event, additional details will be displayed.

The articles being posted are now shown in block form with a picture to attract your attention.

The left-side navigation bar was removed to make more room for the main content.  The right-side navigation bar now has a search field at the top to look for what you are interested in.  Below that is a Site Map that shows all the menus and their submenus to easily go to the webpage you want.  Next, is your opportunity to add your name to our NCTTA mailing list.  Finally, the button called "Recent Articles" displays a list of past articles that have been submitted to the website.

In the future, we have intentions to include a slideshow of NCTTA pictures.  We are also working on making your mobile experience a better way of reaching NCTTA information.  We hope to include table tennis videos in the future.

Anyone who has ideas for the NCTTA website should contact  If you would like to volunteer your time on the web/technology committee, please fill out the volunteer form.