NCTTA POST SEASON--Regional Championships coming soon!

NCTTA Post Season Kicks Off With Regional Championships

The College Table Tennis regular season starts October 1st and ends February 12th but the “2nd season” as some like to call it will soon start as early as February 25th and as late as March 5th! This is the NCTTA College Table Tennis post season that culminates Regional Championships followed by the epic National Championships.

Regional Championships feature the best of Division Men’s and Women’s singles and the best of Coed and Women’s teams. The fierce battle begins with who gets to go (direct division winners and wildcards) and then of course on the table play.

Regional Championships are a keystone to getting to the National Championships. Remember these Regionals will be live streamed and some will even have commentary!

Here are the listings of NCTTA Regional tournaments.

South Regional (Feb. 25/26)
Midwest Regional (Feb. 25/26)
Mid Atlantic Regional (Feb. 25th)
Great Lakes Regional: (Feb. 25/26)
West Regional (March 4/5th)
Northeast Regional (March 4/5th)