READY--SET--GOOOO (NCTTA 2019-20 Registration is up!)

It is time, NCTTA College Table Tennis Registration for the 2019-2020 season is OPEN!

Click here to get registered and click on teams!


We here at NCTTA are also very excited to partner with USA Table Tennis on a new membership perk for EVERY NCTTA member school

Every NCTTA school will now get 10 Free USATT memberships by following these easy steps!

Step 1: Register and Pay for NCTTA Membership

Step 2: Complete the NCTTA Eligibility form (have your school approve it and place your 10 people you want to have free USATT memberships as well as your other A team, Women's team athletes)

Step 3: Go to USATT's membership website and create an account for each of your 10 people

Step 4: Fill out this link for USATT membership activation