Team Registration for the 2015-2016 Season

Another fall and spring semester are before us and before long tryouts and training and regular preparation will also be part of the deal as the College Table Tennis season is about to start!

Let's go over some new changes and updates that have happened in the off season as NCTTA staff have been busy to prepare for this year.


If you want to have your NCTTA Rating updated to your USATT rating, click here and do this before October 1st!

2016 TMS Championships are going to Texas during EASTER weekend, plan accordingly now March 25-27th.

We understand it is a popular religious and family weekend, but this is the date. Don't say we did not warn you!

Our NCTTA rules and regulations have been updated, but in case reading through a 20-page document isn't what you would consider a "good time" feel free to read these bullet points:

  • (clarification) 5.1.i regarding a match default during team competition
  • Fees updated:
  • 5.6.f  A new kind of division added
  • 5.7 Remote School Participation Waiver (RSPW)
  • 7.6 All championship rosters must have a minimum of 4 players. (Women's team as well!)

Starting Sep 8th, click here to register Coed teams and Women's team.