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Have you Run Out of NCTTA Eligibility?

Rules and Regulations (2.9 Length of Eligibility)

An NCTTA player may compete in NCTTA competitions for a maximum of four (4) academic years. A player has competed in an academic year if he or she has played at least one match for a varsity team or in NCTTA singles/doubles in any NCTTA competition held that academic year.

To see if you have exhausted your years of eligibility with NCTTA, click here.

Why Waste an Additional $100 in Late Fees?

The DEADLINE for avoiding late fees is October 1st.  The late fee this year is $100.  That's $100 you could be using for your trip to the Regionals or even the National Championships...why waste it by being late on your team registration.

If you have already registered your team, but did not pay at that moment, then use this link to go directly to the payment page and skip re-entering your information.

If you have special circumstances that need to be considered or your school requires an invoice to be sent, then you MUST contact to discuss BEFORE the October 1st deadline.

Something to consider...

  • Pay with your own credit card before Oct 1st to avoid the late fee and have refund your money when the school payment finally arrives

Questions?  Contact

Membership Discounts are Available

Double Fish Balls


USATT Membership Discounts For NCTTA Graduates

NCTTA has recently teamed with USA Table Tennis to create a special opportunity where recent NCTTA grads can take advantage of a 1-year USATT membership for 40 percent off of the regular price. Yes, you read that right 40% off. USATT membership is the best way to stay involved with table tennis after graduation. So take advantage of this great deal! Read all about it at: NCTTA takes care of its alumni hoping that they then will return the favor to their collegiate clubs by donating their time or money or both to keep programs and teams alive.

Check out a new promotion with USA Table Tennis where NCTTA member clubs and their players can get 10 free USATT memberships. To activate this incredible NCTTA membership bonus schools must do the following:

  • Sign up for NCTTA membership and pay here
  • Complete NCTTA Eligibility form (putting the 10 who are eligible for the free memberships and those on your team for competition on form)
  • Each of the 10 must go to to create a membership
  • Fill out an NCTTA/USATT google form, email for the informaiton

Replace Your NCTTA Rating With Your USATT Rating

NCTTA Rating Update Request

If you would like to have your NCTTA Rating replaced with your USATT Rating, then click the link above if you meet the requirements below.

  1. Only changes that will reflect greater than 100 points will be considered.
  2. You must have played in a USATT tournament after January 1, 2015 to be eligible.

Deadline:  October 1, 2015



Team Registration for the 2015-2016 Season

Another fall and spring semester are before us and before long tryouts and training and regular preparation will also be part of the deal as the College Table Tennis season is about to start!

Let's go over some new changes and updates that have happened in the off season as NCTTA staff have been busy to prepare for this year.


If you want to have your NCTTA Rating updated to your USATT rating, click here and do this before October 1st!

2016 TMS Championships are going to Texas during EASTER weekend, plan accordingly now March 25-27th.

We understand it is a popular religious and family weekend, but this is the date. Don't say we did not warn you!

Our NCTTA rules and regulations have been updated, but in case reading through a 20-page document isn't what you would consider a "good time" feel free to read these bullet points:

  • (clarification) 5.1.i regarding a match default during team competition
  • Fees updated:
  • 5.6.f  A new kind of division added
  • 5.7 Remote School Participation Waiver (RSPW)
  • 7.6 All championship rosters must have a minimum of 4 players. (Women's team as well!)

Starting Sep 8th, click here to register Coed teams and Women's team.

NCTTA Homepage Gets a Website Facelift

The NCTTA website has received a facelift.  The change was put in place as a first step in our effort to make better use of our technology.

You will notice that a Google calendar was inserted at the top of the homepage.  This calendar will serve as a one-stop shop to see when events will be taking place and when deadlines are approaching.  For instance...

  • School Registration Deadline
  • Board Meetings
  • Dates of Regional and Division competitions
  • Registration Deadline for Singles
  • 2016 TMS National Championships

The calendar has a tab at the top right to display the content in monthly form, weekly form, or as a list of agenda topics.  When you click on an event, additional details will be displayed.

The articles being posted are now shown in block form with a picture to attract your attention.

The left-side navigation bar was removed to make more room for the main content.  The right-side navigation bar now has a search field at the top to look for what you are interested in.  Below that is a Site Map that shows all the menus and their submenus to easily go to the webpage you want.  Next, is your opportunity to add your name to our NCTTA mailing list.  Finally, the button called "Recent Articles" displays a list of past articles that have been submitted to the website.

In the future, we have intentions to include a slideshow of NCTTA pictures.  We are also working on making your mobile experience a better way of reaching NCTTA information.  We hope to include table tennis videos in the future.

Anyone who has ideas for the NCTTA website should contact  If you would like to volunteer your time on the web/technology committee, please fill out the volunteer form.

Newgy Table Tennis Scholarships Available

College table tennis players seeking money to help pay school costs should check out Newgy scholarships.

After all, textbook prices, college tuition, plus room & board keep going up. Newgy scholarships will provide a limited number of $1,000 awards toward rising college costs. These days, every dollar helps!

As the 2015-16 season gears up, NCTTA players should note there were significant changes in the scholarships first awarded by Newgy Industries during the 2008-2009 academic year.

NCTTA players Whitney Ping of Stanford and Chermie Cheung of the University of Chicago received the first awards that year. Scholarship winners during the 2014-15 season included players Cheng Li and Yi Chi Zhang of Mississippi College, and Caroline Kajihara of Texas Wesleyan University. Bliss Chang of the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Ellen Hwang of the University of California-Berkeley and Nancy Zhou of Brown University were the other recipients last season.

Major eligibility changes for 2015-16 are now in effect:  

  • Players must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Players cannot win a scholarship more than once.
  • The players receiving the scholarships must be incoming freshmen.
  • Deadline dates were changed to give new college freshmen more time to apply.

This year's deadline for applications will be November 30, 2015. Players will be notified of the awards on December 18, 2015. The scholarships will go to players on March 18, 2016.

Newgy is a major producer of equipment for the dynamic Olympic sport, including table tennis "robots.''

There's no chance to win a scholarship for players who fail to fill out the applications, write the essays and take care of other paperwork.

For more information on the scholarships go to

The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association supports the Newgy scholarship program. Folks that desire to help expand it are encouraged to make a contribution.

NCTTA Selects Round Rock Texas to Host 2016 Champs

By Andy Kanengiser

NCTTA Media Chair

Billed as the Sports Capital of Texas, Round Rock will serve as the host city for the 2016 TMS College Table Tennis Championships.

A thriving high-tech city of 100,000 residents, Round Rock is the choice of the NCTTA Board of Directors with the selection announced on Friday June 5.

Located 15 miles north of Austin, home of the University of Texas, Round Rock beat out two other city bidders, Spokane, Washington, and Hampton, Virginia. The lively three-day tournament attracts about 250 of the best collegiate table tennis players from campuses across the USA and Canada.

“The NCTTA is delighted to be going back to Texas where we have been several times before,’’ President Willy Leparulo said. “We are excited to be working with the Round Rock Convention & Visitors Board.’’

Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw gave a big thumbs up to the selection of his city to welcome the national tournament.

“We are thrilled to host the best college table tennis players here in the Sports Capital of Texas,’’ McGraw said in a statement. “We know the players, fans and their families will have a smashing time in Round Rock.’’

Round Rock CVB leaders couldn’t be reached for comment on Friday.

The three-day tournament will be held on the weekend of March 27, 2016. It comes a little earlier than usual for the national championships that typically are booked in April. It will likely cause NCTTA to adjust its divisional and regional college tournament dates in the spring of 2016.

Round Rock, Texas remains a big-time sports town. The city is home turf for the Round Rock Express, the Pacific League AAA baseball affiliate of MLB’s Texas Rangers. The Round Rock team plays at Dell Diamond that opened in 2000.

In addition, Round Rock is home to giant companies like Dell and Westinghouse. It is the 31st largest city in Texas. Want to taste good barbecue? It’s there in abundance in Round Rock. So is Mexican food. Try the MasFajitas restaurant. Café Java is the place to go for Round Rock coffee lovers.

This will be the 4th time the Lone Star State will host the national collegiate table tennis championships in recent years. Located near Dallas, Plano, Texas welcomed the 2012 NCTTA championship games in 2012. Prior to that,  Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth hosted the tournament in 2005 and 2006.

The games have been staged in several regions of the USA over the years.

In 2013, Rockford, Illinois welcomed collegiate players from about three dozen institutions. In 2014, the championships were staged in Monroeville, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.

 In 2015, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire hosted the sea of college players, coaches, volunteers and fans. Eau Claire sits 90 minutes from St. Paul, Minnesota. Rochester, Minnesota hosted the games in 2009, among others. Other sites in years past have included Ohio State University in Columbus and the state of California.

The NCTTA oversees collegiate table tennis competition at more than 150 colleges and universities in the USA and Canada.