Lindenwood University to Host NCTTA 2018 Midwest Regionals

This weekend the NCTTA 2018 Midwest Regionals will be hosted by and held at Lindenwood University, from where it will be live-streamed. 12 schools and more than 60 College Table Tennis student athletes from Midwestern states (such as Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.) will pour into the Lindenwood University campus to battle for the chance at school glory.  

College Table Tennis National Championship qualification is on the line; qualifying teams will be the top three men’s/coed teams, the top 2 women's teams, the top 8 men's singles, and the top 4 women’s singles. The iSET 2018 National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships is NCTTA’s premier event and will be played in Round Rock, Texas this year in April.

The Midwest Region features scholarship school and current host, Lindenwood University. Lindenwood remains a perennial powerhouse in the Midwest, but other schools are looking to make the hosts work to defend their glory.  Northwestern, led by long-time Coach Ned Leuchtner, has a really deep team this year. Look for Northwestern who also qualified in the Women’s team to challenge the top schools. Also, always a favorite, is the University of Minnesota led by John Tranter and Kris Sabas. “The U,” as it is affectionately called, is led by 2 female players. NCTTA is unique in that the Men’s team can be coed as is clearly exemplified with “the U” (University of Minnesota).

Turning to men’s singles and women’s singles, we see a competitive draw on both sides with top men’s singles seeds 1 through 6 from Lindenwood. Brazilian international and Rookie phenom Massao Kohatsu looks to take the title for Lindenwood.  On the women’s side, sister of #1 men’s seed, Kohatsu Martina, is also a favorite as is Yixin Zhang, an ex-champ from Wisconsin, now calling University of Minnesota her new school. Zhang helped the then UW Madison team from 2016 claim 2nd place in the competition.

NCTTA Midwest Regional Championship starts on Saturday with Team play and finishes on Sunday with Singles.

2018 NCTTA Midwest Regional Championship - Teams (Day 1)
Saturday, February 24 - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time

2018 NCTTA Midwest Regional Championship - Singles (Day 2)
Sunday, February 25 - 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Central time


College Table Tennis Singles "is a thing" --SIGN UP TODAY

NCTTA being a team based league and organization, sometimes singles gets forgotten about, but it shouldn't! NCTTA has singles competitions that take place in EVERY ONE of its divisions! For the tournament schedule, click here
Joe Wells, VP of NCTTA says all of the time, "Have a shot at the Post Season through NCTTA Singles, why wouldn't you!"
Lots of people think that they can qualify to the NCTTA Post Season only as a team, but there are other ways!
NCTTA has been offering singles since 2011 and every division in College Table Tennis has its own singles tournament.
Top singles players from both men and women are able to qualify into the post season with others qualifying through their individual rating via wildcard.
Collegiate singles has developed into a very strong event over the past couple of years. Division singles play has no limit for how many can sign up to play.
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See what you can win for playing singles: Emil Santos of Texas Wesleyan with his big winnings pictured here.

Volunteer at the NCTTA Champs

Sending out a help wanted ad for the NCTTA Champs in rhymes: brought to you by Mike Reff of the NCTTA Media Committee

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In the third week of April, centered in Round Rock,
Volunteers will help out around the clock.
Calling one, calling all to participate,
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TV production has several aspects,
From operating cameras, to scorekeeping graphics,
You’ll help out in set up and breakdown of equipment,
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Umpires help in officiating rules,
Ensuring fair play amongst all competing schools.
Score keepers are needed to keep track of score,
It helps the players know how many points to be sure.
Registration people help check in and gate control,
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Summer is over and the new 2017-18 season has started for a plethora of NCTTA schools with others joining the new Fall semester in the coming weeks.

Don't delay get signed up for NCTTA's league and tournaments!

NCTTA has been busy over the summer months so make sure you read up our NCTTA Rules!

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USA College Table Tennis team takes on the world!

This week, follow the USA College Table Tennis team as they take on stars from all over the world!

The team is made up of Collegiates from various Universities like Texas Wesleyan University, Pillar College and UC Berkeley to name a few. Support our Collegiates by cheering them on to victory!

2017 Elections Results

The following NCTTA Board members have been reelected to new 2-year terms, starting July 1:

President - Willy Leparulo
Human Resources Coordinator - Sam Huang
National League Representative - Jay Lu

Thanks to all who voted!

2017 Elections: Candidates and Voting

To all NCTTA member club presidents/representatives:

Candidates for NCTTA board positions have submitted their Statements of
Intent, and voting is now open.

Here are the candidates and links to each one's Statement of Intent:

Willy Leparulo -

Human Resources Director
Sam Huang -

National League Representative
Jay Lu -

Please submit your votes by email to, with the
1. Your name
2. Your school
3. For each position, Yes or No, in terms of whether you are in support of the candidate
Even though only one candidate is listed for each position, votes need to be
submitted for each of them. If you wish to abstain from voting for a
particular position, then indicate "abstain" for that position.

The deadline for voting is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 31.
Only one vote per school will be counted. Invalid votes will not be counted.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the email address given above.
Thanks for your participation!

Texas Wesleyan Captures 2017 Championships

(Picture from Jasna Rather of the Texas Wesleyan University team)
This weekend's 2017 TMS College Table Tennis Championships has featured what the best of College Table Tennis looks like in watching the famed Texas Wesleyan University table tennis team take 5 of 6 titles! Texas Wesleyan earned titles in the Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Men's Singles, Women's Teams and the coveted Men's/Coed Team category. Only the women's singles escaped them (and barely too!)

Was there ever any doubt? Well, actually the matches were very much contested and the Rams worked very hard to achieve these goals. Coach Rather states, " Texas Wesleyan team came well prepared and motivated to 2017 Collegiate National Championship. We knew that competition is on a very high level and that winning any of six titles would be extremely difficult." 

Each of the finals that Texas Wesleyan was involved with was incredible to watch and to experience. Rather adds, " We respect other teams and know that each match we play is a new battle that could go either way. Texas Wesleyan is always proud of our athletes and how much they give out when they represent school, including this weekend."

This year's Men's/Coed Team title was against the famous University of California-Berkeley who ousted Mississippi College. Mississippi College had faced Texas Wesleyan for the past five years. This year Berkeley had high hopes and a good chance, but ran into the Texas Wesleyan machine which had all of its engines moving at rapid pace.

Texas Wesleyan showed its experience especially in the Women's team semi final where championship women's doubles duo Wang Chen and Yue Wu dug themselves out of trouble several times by beating out UC Berkeley! Coach Rather states about her doubles phenoms, "Berkeley almost had us in the final match of the team event, but Texas Wesleyan girls showed what really means to have team spirit and supporting each other through toughest time. Coach Doru's support in the match and girls never giving up allowed Texas Wesleyan to take another Women's National Team title."

College Table Tennis is about the intangibles many times more than good footwork, forehands, etc. NCTTA applauds their #loudnproud approach to it all.  Coach Rather says, "Recruiting, team spirit of athletes and coaches on Wesleyan team, caring for each other and getting prepared well is what Texas Wesleyan did the best for the last 15 years. Maintaining strong team, team spirit, and staying on the top have not been easy to do for so many years. Our team have won at least one title each year since the inception of the program with total of 65 since 2002, our first competing year in collegiate competition. 

Congratulations to Texas Wesleyan's Table Tennis team, well deserved titles and accolades are in store for them upon their return to Ft. Worth and much praise from the rest of the College Table Tennis world for their historic wins!

The 2017 TMS College Table Tennis Championships is hosted by the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association and the Eau Claire CVB and is one of the premier table tennis tournaments in North America featuring 6 events: Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles, and Men’s/Coed Teams, Women’s Teams.  The event is sponsored by TMS International, Gerflor, Double Fish

Players and spectators alike will enjoy a jam-packed weekend of table tennis at the TMS College Table Tennis Championships. The event starts Friday April 7th and continues through Sunday April 9th. 


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About USA Table Tennis

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