NCTTA Commentator Contest for TMS 2017 Championships

NCTTA is looking for the best of the best in everything, including its commentators. Last year the organization held its first search for commentators and it worked out well.

Joe Wells, Veteran commentator at the NCTTA Champs, says “We got a lot of interest and were able to invite a number of people to our championships that became key parts to the event’s success.” This contest is a chance to attend the NCTTA College Table Tennis Championships as a Commentator for the live stream! (one must be able to work all days)

NCTTA has used in the past, Han Xiao (former UMD player and USATT board member), Joe Wells (Vice President of NCTTA), and Adam Bobrow (Current ITTF Commentator), but the Championship committee wants the NCTTA membership and alumni and fans to have a chance at being a part of our event.

Winner or winners have a shot to come out to the 2017 NCTTA Championships in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Read all about it here:

Pictured here are last year’s winners.